Manifestation Coach

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Are you unsure of how to get the things you want? Do you feel as if you might be stuck in a rut, wanting to create your life but turning up unsuccessful? Let's take some time to find out what you are really wanting and make it happen! 

✴️ We will focus and use multiple techniques to pinpoint your goals and fine tune the details of exactly what you are wanting. You will be able to tell the universe and yourself exactly the outcome that you are expecting. We can then make a vison board and your universe Thank you letter to solidfy that you KNOW it will happen. This is about focused manifestation.

From this 1:1 meeting we can figure out if you need additional help for longer term goals and present a plan for forward movement.

🎁 With this purchase you will receive a complementary spot in the coinciding month's New Moon Ritual.

~2 hour sessions~ Video Chat and Phone Calls Available via Facebook, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

🫂 If you purchase 3 sessions we will Schedule them at intervals determined after the first meeting. They may be back to back (when schedule allows) weekly or even monthly. The series is beneficial for longer term goals or for extended support.

📅 As I am one person contact times may vary. Please allow up to 72 hours for contact to be scheduled. It is my priority to reach out as quickly as possible. Scheduling availability is on a first come first serve basis. You will receive an email from or with a link to Calendly to schedule your appointments.

Results will vary. Goals are not guaranteed to be hit by any time frame. You are responsible for following through with the completion of your goals. What you say is confidential in accordance to law. No one is responsible for your life but yourself. Only you can achieve your goals. When you purchase these services you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. Click Here to learn more.