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Edra has been helping me every day through guidance of self discovery, and encouragement through my insecurities. She has given me the best and most authentic advice. I can see that she is educated and confident in what she knows and loves helping others find their true path. Edra won't sugar coat anything either, which is what I need. She brings me challenges and growth and that is critical for the human condition. --- Alexa B.

I have done several readings with Edra, and what keeps me coming back is a combination of things, the way she engages in the reading, and describes each card with great detail makes it easier to relate with them. The focus that is imputed into the reading gives it a very spiritual feel that has made me connect with my inner self. At the end of each reading, she follows up and recaps, asks questions, or clarifies more in-depth. Overall, I keep coming back because Edra does an amazing job with communication with each individual, such as myself. --- Luis C.

Oh my gosh.. !! Where to begin with my card reading experience, can I just say... amazingly accurate. The cards laid out what I knew and was thinking but needed some guidance at a very stuck point in my life... and with the reading I got from her that day lead me to the most amazing opportunities and courage to keep pushing thru! --- Sandra D.

Edra was really helpful. I have never done anything like this [card] reading and wanted to give it a try. I didn't know what to do but she made it easy and simple. Her reading was spot on with stuff going on right now in my life. I felt better knowing it's ok this stuff is happening and to work thru it. I highly recommend Edra. --- Rudy S.

5 out of 5 stars. Coming from a really dark place and feeling extremely drained and angry to waiting a day and felt so much better. I had the energy to get up and do stuff again after receiving her healing reiki energy. --- Kami M.

While during the [Reiki Healing] session with Edra spiritually it wasn’t physically yet I felt like a warmth feeling. Like it was something flowing through me. Like some type of energy was passing through me from Edra in a sense --- Angelo M.

This was my first reading with Edra, and first Reiki session altogether! Her assessment was spot on, and encouraged me to unearth some aspects of myself that I’ve recognized, just haven’t been willing to address as of yet. I have a tendency of storing my stress and emotional trauma as chronic pain in my body, which I was experiencing during the session, but it moved by the time the session was over. This experience was a huge motivator for me to go inward and really tend to my Being. She gave me tips on how to work on my solar plexus, which was the source of the pain and what came up in the reading. The cards she pulled resonated so deeply within me (and with the other parts of the reading) that I felt a wash of relief come over me. Since then, I have noticed my trust in myself growing, and I am so grateful for the clarity and power her reading has given me. --- Brenna R.

Usually I find readings to be very intrusive. The readers try to get too much information in the beginning and then I can't tell how accurate the readings really are. I really liked how Edra did her reading. She didn't ask me anything before hand and then when we talked about things afterwards there was no doubt in my mind she was genuine. If you have an issue with those "woo-woo" readers then I suggest you try Edra because she really does a good job of being real and not prying anything out of you. --- Ryan G.

Had a consultation with Edra, she really helped me see my real potential and that I wasn’t using the tools I already had and it put me right into gear to create what I’m was meant for! Thank you for all your support! --- Tayanna A.

I've had several readings from Edra, every time she's been spot on with her interpretation of the cards. So helpful when making decisions about relationships or just life in general. I highly recommend you get a reading too. She is very polite and professional... Wonderful experience. --- Craig T.


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