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Welcome to Rise With Edra Izzo. This is a space meant to help motivate, empower, and inspire you to create the life you have always wanted for yourself. When we love ourselves and embrace our power, we embrace the limitless possibilities of life!

Remember; You are worthy, You matter, and I am proud of you!

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You must get in the feeling of your desires before they will manifest ourwardly. You are not alone

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Hello! Edra Izzo, here! Thank you for taking the steps to improve your life. Just reading this website shows that you are a motivated human who has the power to achieve all of their goals! This website is about you and not me. However, I am a multi faceted being that dabbles in many different things. I am a spiritual light worker, licensed cosmetologist, ordained minister, energy healer, cannabis lifestyle specialist, artist, model, avid plant lover and much much more. My goal with Rise With Edra Izzo is to create a space that will give you the room, support and nutrients that you need to thrive and grow as strong, healthy and beautifully as your heart desires. You are worthy and I am so proud of you!

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Interested in listening to Edra Izzo? Happy Shits Are Happening is a podcast that let's you learn a bit more about Edra as well as topics of interest. This is all about empowerment and good vibes. Listen Now