In Depth About Edra Izzo

This website is not about me it is about you.

       But with that being said I wanted to have a page where you could better get to know me. I am a Scorpio sun, Virgo rising, and Libra moon. I have a total of 5 planets in Scorpio which make me very good at evolution. I am a generating sacral authority H.D., with a 2/4 personality profile and my cross incantation of Right Angle Cross of The Four Ways (44/24 | 33/19)

       I am also the last of the TRUE millennials. I am a very talkative person, which works well to be able to explain things. I am conduit and channel. I read and use all kinds of cards, divination tools, music and imagery to translate messages the spirits and guides are sharing for the highest good. I am a very harmonious person dedicated to living in balance. I do shadow work to create this balance and often in cooperate shadow working methods to help create and promote self love and awareness.

       I have a podcast and some blogs about different topics. I am in the cannabis industry because I smoke medically and I do reviews and help people learn about products that might work well for them. B.C. (Before Covid) I was going to networking events and meeting all the different industry people. I also got to visit multiple dispensaries out where I live.

       I love sweets, pizza (the REAL food), plants, candles, gemstones, potatoes, crafts, animals, nature and music. My favorite color is rainbow (yes I know that really means all the colors) I am not perfect and constantly work to heal and grow. I am stepping into my powers and titles (I have not named them anywhere for you to see yet) and my real mission is to help empower people to live their best lives. One of my favorite motto's is "Work smarter, not harder." and I carry that into my sessions. Everything I do is geared towards how to show YOU that YOU have the power. I firmly believe society has been created in this way to dis-empower us. Often we give away our power (energy) without even realizing it. I want you to have everything that you want. Over all I am a unique human, just like you, and when we all learn to embrace our individuality then we can better come together to create the world we want. 

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