Magic Card Reading

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In honor of Halloween on October 31st and Edra's Birthday on November 1st, we have created a new type of card reading. This reading will be available any season.

This reading will be about MAGIC.

What is your personal magic and how can you tap into it?  What are some things you are forgetting about magic and some messages or tips that your guides would like to share? Are you really a witch? Does magic run in your family or are you the first of your magical generations?

You will be allowed to ask ONE (1) question prior to this pull. You will place your question, if any, in the notes section upon purchase. Please keep this question on the topic of MAGIC if you would like it to be answered.

You will receive as many cards as Edra deems fit. Most, if not all of these questions will be answered plus any additional information that may come through. If you have asked a question it will be answered with the pull and not left our sperate.

The cards that are used for this reading will be intuitively pulled. You may receive multiple decks or one, whatever is Divinely inspired. 

The reading will be emailed to you or sent in direct message depending on the platform. Please make sure your email is correct upon purchase and if needed please put the correct contact in the notes section.

Please note that if you purchase this reading on the above dates mentioned, you will receive your reading November 2nd.