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Rise With Edra Izzo

Hand Made Hooded Scarf

Hand Made Hooded Scarf

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These are hand-crochet hooded scarves. Each one is unique and one of a kind. They are created with love and healing infused into the yarn during creation. Custom Designs are available. Click the image above for the photo gallery.

Custom Designs will need to be made in advance, and then time will need to be given for creation. Please leave a note discussing what colors you would like or email me at to discuss prior to your purchase. 

Remember, we are at the mercy of the yarn, not all colors can be created more than once, and if there is no yarn with the design, it might not be possible. Please keep in mind that if you have your own yarn (minimum of 2 needed, i.e., approx 200yds), there are price discounts available by emailing me as well.

Care Instructions

You may wash this product in the washing machine but you should NOT put it in the dryer. Wash as if it was a baby item on delicate or low speeds. Use cool water to keep colors the same and to make sure that it doesnt shrink.

Shipping Information

Shipping is not including in the price. All items unless custom ordered will be shipped out within ONE week of purchase. Shipping details will be provided such as tracking number and sent to your provided email. Please update your email in your account infomation.

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