Foundational Human Design Reading

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When we are born our human design charts are finished with us. From the moment of conception until the moment of birth our human design charts are being created. We can use these blue prints to find out the ways we work, what makes us healthy, the environments we should live in, the type of business structures we should work in and even our biggest struggles in life. When we use these designs actively we can find out what strategies are our allies and which won't work for us. Everyone is different, the way your parents cope is likely not the way that you should be coping. Together we can demystify your quirks and learn to integrate your needs in order to create a life you've always dreamed of living.

These readings can be done more than one time due to the surplus of information. Each meeting will be recorded and sent to you as a replay so you can watch it over and over. 

Please include your birth information including:

Birth Location: City, State, Country

Birth Date including Year

Birth Time including if time is AM or PM


After purchase you will receive a calandly link to schedule your appointment. The video will be done using zoom so it can be recorded.


This service can be done for a child as well.