Distance Angelic Healing

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Angelic Healing- A type of healing in which a person supplicates to a higher power through meditation, so that angels (or spirits) can be called upon to guide, protect and heal a person through radiant energy.

Definitions provided The Free Dictionary

Distance Angelic Healing is preformed at a distance. This healing needs to be preformed at the same time as it is being received. I will be reaching out after this confirmed purchase to find a time that works best for us both. I will also need a recent photo. It will not be shared but in order for me to do the proper visualizations I will need to see a photo where your face is not covered. 

In order to receive Angelic Healing you must be in a relaxed or meditative state. This takes about 1 hour. If you fall asleep that is fine, just set the intention to receive when initially laying or sitting down.

Please make sure you have the proper Name and email linked on your customer account, or add it in for one time checkout in the note. I will be reaching out to you via the one you provide there. If you are purchasing this for a friend I will ask that you purchase this as a gift card and give your friend an option of what they would like to purchase from my site (not everyone wants to be healing.. weird, I know!)

Follow up email will follow shortly after I send the healing and I would love any and all feedback. 

Please allow 24-73 hours before contact for scheduling. You will receive an email from risewithedraizzo@gmail.com with a link to Calendly to schedule your appointments. Thank you so much!

**Angelic Healing is just as effective at a distance as it is in person!**


When you purchase these services you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. Click Here to learn more.