Crystal Fairy Connection

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A crystal fairy is a tiny elemental or light being that lives within each crystal. Just like a Dyrad (tree fairy) lives within each tree.  It's life force sustains the energetic nature of the crystal and the crystal creates the magical realms through which the fairy experiences a full, rich existence. 

We use crystals in our everyday life and objects perhaps without even realizing it.

Quartz Crystal is used in watches as it generates a small electric current when it is rubbed or squeezed we also know that crystals are able to receive radio frequencies. Almost all of our electronics use crystals.

Crystals have great powers of manifestation they are doorways into the inter dimensional realms or worlds where the fairy lives.

On a spiritual level crystals are understood and respected as alive and as light technology that will solidify into matter. If you are already a crystal lover, you will know that crystals come in a huge multitude of colors often corresponding with the healing properties or chakra that they are associated with. 

Each group of elemental fairy has specific roles which will support you throughout your life phases.  Your crystal fairy connection will work with you in 2 ways. 

  1. The powerful electromagnetic energy of the crystal works with your energy field, fine tuning it and bringing it back into balance. As we are all connected to the Earth through our own electromagnetic grid, this filters into the consciousness of humanity to support us in our personal growth.
  2. The crystal fairy you are connected to will add their support, wisdom, and knowledge to the crystal healing power and Grant access to its deeper knowledge.

Not everyone is given access to this, as spiritual knowledge is only given to those who can be trusted to not abuse it.

With this service, You will receive a guidance message and attunment to create a connection with your specific Crystal Fairy.

  • You will receive your guidance message via email with images of your crystal fairy, its color and its associated crystal.
  • The attunement will be created and sent to you at a distance. So all you will need to do is sit in a meditative state when you are free of distractions, tune in and intentionally accept the energy by saying "I now accept my Crystal Fairy attunment." Then you will sit for about 10-15mins to let the energy integrate.

This attunment will last a lifetime but your specific fairy may change based off the phase of your life so you can receive a new reading and attunement every 6 months or longer if needed. You may be tested by the universe before or after this service to make sure you are worthy of this powerful connection. This attunment will not settle and integrate for long time use if you are not properly ready (which will not be determined by me) so if you notice that you are not feeling able to connect to your fairy then you may need to receive a Spiritual Wellness Check to further diagnose what the issue may be.

It is hard to describe the pure power of nature that is all around us on Earth; think of mighty mountains, great oceans, caves and volcanoes. They all hold such ancient magic and wisdom. Those who are drawn to working with elemental and crystal beings are playing their part in helping to sustain the frequency of the earth's grid .

The elemental guardians (fairies) play a vital role in sustaining repairing protecting and ensuring the balance of Gaia and the Earth's nature elements within our realm. We are physically made up of platonic solids and even our bones and teeth contain crystals - the building blocks of our universe and the elemental guardians are responsible for sustaining the elements in nature out a pure frequency for us to template to or with. 

It is said in Lemurian times when we were more etheric in nature that we were able to be in nature and absorb whatever element we needed to to support our healing process. This connection and attunment will bring you as close to that etheric nature as possible, allowing you to absorb and tune in to the energy of your specific Crystal Fairy with ease.


Please reach out if you have any questions before and after procedure.

When you purchase these services you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. Click Here to learn more.