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This is a general reading. Empower yourself and bring clarity into your life with a card reading. I have many different decks and pull many layouts. Talk to your guides and allow them permission to share your messages with me. I am simply a translator or interpreter. I prefer not to know what you're asking until after I have done the initial reading. When we move into the clarification part that is when we can unpack what your questions are. Please make sure to provide your email so that I can reach out. 

Video Chats/Phone Calls will be made via Facebook or Zoom. You will receive an email from or with a link to Calendly to schedule your appointments.

Monthly Membership Package will include 4 Emailed readings (1 a week) These readings will be personal general readings that will apply to whatever your guides are wanting you to know. I will allow one reading to be a specific question if you have a nagging question, please keep this question to use your for your second reading. Email to me as soon as you know what your question is. If you do not have a nagging question then the readings will be pulled based on the guides and spirits.

As I am only one person please be aware that contact times may vary. Please allow up to 2 weeks for reading scheduling although I do prioritize responses as soon as possible. First purchased, first scheduled.

Max time for an appointment is 2.5 hours. This type of appointment can be booked for $160 for one appointment or $145 if you book a series of 3 appointments. Please email to book one of these appointments. Payment will be sent via Venmo, or Cashapp or you can purchase a gift card for the amount. Thank you for your interest.

When you purchase these services you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. Click Here to learn more.