Witches Runes

Witches Runes

So if you have seen my store you will notice that I make hand made Witches Rune Cards. 

Originally these witches runes can be found in stones or drawn inside shells. The true origins are unknown but the symbolism are very similar to things we know about now. 

I use the 13 Runes because I resonate with 13 and I love to be able to have more options to choose from because in my opinion I use cards and anything else that I can to tell a story and as we all know; a good story has a good amount of detail. Personally I use my Witches Rune Deck as an addition and to clarify readings. Because they are small and light weight I do sometimes bring them with me when I do not want to go without a divination tool. 

Divination tools are the tools for the spiritual realm similar to that of those tools in construction or artwork. Meaning, I tell a story and create a picture. I translate the messages that I see in my tool similar to a mathematician translating math that he got from his calculator. Stigmas are real. Everything on my sight is simple. Complicated in its own right; as you need to get a license to drive a motorcycle or hard machinery vs your regular driving license, you might need to learn a little more to properly understand the tool you are trying to use. The only difference is that this information does not exactly regular a license, and so you must listen to your natural guidance and trust yourself in these matters.

Witches Runes are interpretations of images so they are the equivalent to basic math. One plus One. 

Overall, Witches Runes are just another tool that you might find helpful on your personal and spiritual empowerment, or maybe not. I made the runes into cards for myself because it was what I had at the time and because I already use tarot cards. 

This is a nice blog if you wanted more information. I don't have an affiliation with them but I did look at SOME of the information from them. You can just search "witches runes" and find some info as well. 


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