What is Spiritual Detox? What are Ascension Symptoms?

What is Spiritual Detox? What are Ascension Symptoms?

After receiving any type of energy healing you may experience Spiritual Detox or Ascension symptoms. Just like when cleaning our closet or doing skin care, it sometimes gets worse before it gets better, it is similar to energy healing. You may not always experience symptoms and it is not always a bad thing if you do. Sometimes ascension symptoms are due to your body learning how to experience and feel new senses that might have been limited or blocked prior to a healing or attunement. In this case it is important to give yourself grace and think of yourself as a learning child. Children need to grow into their body so they may become emotional, frustrated, clumsy and more. This is a time for you to let yourself exist and/or receive a healing session to better ground and integrate your energies.

In general if you are experiencing any sort of detox or ascension symptom it is best to reach out to the practioner who preformed your healing so that they might help you ground better. Most often, people who experience a spiritual detox or have ascension symptoms are ungrounded or have been attuned to an energy that needs more integration. 

If you have been attuned to a Reiki level and are experiencing heightened emotions, or senses, that is normal. It may take a couple of weeks for your senses to learn to adjust to the growth you have received. Most of the time you will experience detox or ascension symptoms after an energetic cord cutting because you are learning to live without that cord, and/or because you must purge all the negative from inside to outwards.

If you receive an angelic healing or a general reiki session most often your practioner will be able to ground and integrate the healings so that by the time you leave you will not feel unstable or overwhelmed. But there are times when you may need to purge all of the negative because there was just so much of it. This may be the case if you are healing from a toxic person or environment.

Some signs of spiritual ascension or detox symptoms are: 

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Temperature changes within the body
  • New perspectives or habits about food and diet
  • Increased anxiety due to an influx of energy
  • Insomnia due to an influx of energy
  • Increased clumsiness or constantly dropping things
  • Changes in bathroom habits such as increased restroom use or constipation
  • Mental or emotional changes such as frustration, racing thoughts, self criticism or criticism of those around you
  • Hyper sense arousal including smell, sights, sound, taste and even physic senses

There are many more changes that you may come across and I encourage you to do your own research and/or to reach out to me with questions or support. You are not alone and if your practioner has failed to mention that you may experience changes and you are, then you may want to find someone who is better versed in client after care. Again, not all practioners leave their clients in an ungrounded state, sometimes these things just occur naturally because your body needs to adjust. When we move too quickly our bodies and energies might need a longer time to adjust. Similar to when we fly on an airplane and we have jet lag. You can think of Spiritual Detox or Ascension Symptoms as a sort of energetic jet lag for your body. 

The most important things you can do if you are experiencing these symptoms is to drink water, get proper rest, keep track of your symptoms and speak to your health care professionals to make sure that there isn't an underlying condition that needs to be addressed.

If you have spoken to your health care providers and they have determined that nothing is wrong with your body then you may need to reach out to a more practiced energy worker so that they can give you an energy healing that focuses on grounding and integration.

I have had many clients who came to me feeling these symptoms because another practioner did not provide the proper after care. They are now no longer experiencing any of these symptoms after our sessions. So I highly encourage you to keep an open mind and not judge all energy healers based off your experience with one or a few inexperienced ones. Its is also possible that you trigger these symptoms due to your own personal work and growth. In this case it is a good idea to find an energy healer who can help you integrate these energies you have brought into your life. 

Overall it is a natural occurrence to experience spiritual detox and ascension symptoms if you are dedicated to your overall growth and wellness. Though you do not need to stay in these unwanted energies there is nothing "wrong" with you if you are experiencing them. Take a moment to say Thank You to your body for showing you that you are actually expanding and then give yourself grace to integrate. You are not alone and you do not need to experience change alone.

Remember; You Matter, You're Worthy, and I'm Proud of You.

Happy Healing

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