About New Moons

About New Moons


New moons are an important part of the moon phase cycle.🌑

The moon's phases effect our world's bodies of water. Humans, being made of mostly water, can use these cycles to our benefit is we are aware of what they mean. New moons are the dark time of the month. It is a time of darkness and therefore retreat. The new moon is a time to focus on what you want to happen. Being that this time is a time of retreat, it represents the time for us to form our plan of action. Think about it like an army preparing before a battle going over strategies and figuring out where and what commands must be given. The new moon is a time for you to assess what commands to give the universe on your behalf of the highest good.

Manifestation is one of the most important parts of creating your own freedom in life, which means that the planning and preparation period of our time is the only real thing that we can do.

💭 Imagine when you eat at a restaurant, really, the only thing that you do is

  • decide what you want to eat (intention),
  • share it with your server (manifest),
  • wait for it to come to you
  • and then enjoy in what comes to you
Interestingly enough, the only real action was the first one. The first action in the chain of events was for you to make the decision of what to eat. And there may have been many reasons or maybe no reasons for your choice, but just the same, now you must live with what you picked. Is the real world not so different than that restaurant? It is all the same when we think about how much power we really have. And, it feels better when we decide that life is just an experiment and its ok if we don't like our food, we just won't order that again next time.

    This is the reason that the New Moon time is so important. Not only do you take time to create new plans, you also need to take this time to continue to nurture your existing plans and see which plans didn't work. Your seeds (intention) may take different times to grow to fruition. Or maybe the soil is not ready for them to grow yet. Either way, the new moon is a time to make sure you are tending your garden, tilling the soil and adding nutrients so that each desire can grow in a healthy, happy way.

    ✨ No matter if your goals are about relationships, family, business, self growth or anything at all, the new moon is your best phase in which to set time to create your plan of attack. It is important to know that you are able to manifest anything during this time, but not all things will happen right away and not all things are meant to happen at all. Celebrating each new moon monthly will allow you to see your growths and accomplishments. You will be able to track what you have wanted and then gotten over the long and short term.

    Creating a monthly tradition to make time for self care and healing is a good idea. It is important to use the new moon as a reminder to take rest and pause. Just as the moon retreats during the new moon phase, you are allowed to retreat and take pause before again shining brightly for the upcoming months.

    📅 There is much more that the new moon can and does mean but we will stop here for now. If you are interested in learning more about the new moon I have a monthly virtual gathering. You can learn more about this next event here.

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