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Cord Cutting (Energetic Surgery)

Cord Cutting (Energetic Surgery)

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Cord Cuttings are a process where you are basically getting energetic surgery to remove the energies of connection between you and another entity. Cord cuttings can remove energy from a living being, situation, or even a job. If you feel drained without knowing why a cord cutting might be a good option for you. Cord cuttings do not remove emotions they just help to energetically protect yourself. It removes the attachments to your energy from others. Essentially helping you to take back your power. Think about it similar to blocking a number on your phone, you might still get messages but they don't bother you as much anymore. This process is not to be taken lightly and you must give yourself one to two weeks for your energy to resume back to normal.


This service includes a short card reading before and after cord cutting. You will need to send me your full name and a face photo without a filter. I will also need to know the person who's energy you are wanting to release, full name. If you can send me a photo of said person as well, that would be most helpful. I will also need to know the reason for you wanting to disconnect from said person in a short note written during purchase. This will be done via email, so make sure your email is correct as well.


After this procedure, you must practice self-care. You must drink water and not allow yourself to become dehydrated. You must cleanse yourself daily for at least one week prior to cord-cutting surgery. You must also make sure to give your body proper nourishment and refrain from staying up until you are exhausted. Make the effort to sleep earlier than normal for at least one week prior to surgery. 

Please reach out if you have any questions before and after the procedure. 

When you purchase these services you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. Click Here to learn more.

Energy Healing Healing After Care

After an energy healing treat yourself as if you had just gotten a massage. You may be tired or even energiezed. Meet yourself where you are and give yourself grace. It is important to stay hydrated and have good rest. Release all expectaions. Open your body to allowing your energies to integrate for your highest good. If you feel you are having any signs of "Spiritual Detox" that is often normal just as we have to detox our physical bodies. If you have questions regarding how to handle a "Spiritual Detox" You can review the blog I have written or reach out to me at

Care Instructions

Come into this reading with a clear and open mind. Be hydrated and have some good rest. If possible please be in good hygine standing such as having taken a shower. This is so that the energy that is tapped into will be fresh and clean as well. Even if you are in a sad or lower vibrational space this reading is perfect to receive. The messages in this reading may not make sense at first, over time though they may start to make more sense. Release all expectaions.

Liability & Consent

This page is to inform you that when you purchase these services, you are acknowledging that you are aware I will not be guaranteeing any results. These services are here to empower and encourage continued growth. They are not intended as a miracle or to get you to do anything that you are not already actively seeking. Upon using these services, you are aware the tools, tips, and coaching presented to you are in no way implying they will change and enhance your life. By continuing, you consent to the facts that you are the only person responsible for your success in life and that I am here to simply support you while you yourself do all the work it takes to create the life you want. You acknowledge that you are the one living your life, so only you have the power and tools to change your life. You agree not to hold Edra Izzo, Rebecca Rizzo, and R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS fiscally responsible for any downfalls, and you will not engage in taking legal actions towards Edra or associated partners due to your lack of satisfaction with these services. In order to proceed with any and all services on this site, you must read and consent to this liability page. Upon purchase of any coaching package, you will be required to sign a copy of this page.


Spouse Interactions

If you have a spouse, they, too, must sign a consent page. Some of which they will sign state: You agree that you trust your spouse. You also agree to these services under the condition that communications will only be related to specific purchased services. 

**It is important to have your spouse on board with you unless you are choosing to transition away from your spouse. In the case you want to transition away from your marriage then I will need in writing that your spouse is not aware and not signing because your intention is to leave them.**


My services are professional only. Any disrespect may be cause to cancel contracts and agreements. If you get sexually disrespectful in any way, you will not be entitled to a refund, and you may be banned from using Rise With Edra Izzo and R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS in the future. Please keep all communications as professional as possible. Vulnerability is not unprofessional; vulgarity, nudity, and negative remarks are unprofessional.


For more Terms and Services, please click HERE

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