Transformation Container (Group Coaching Program)

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This is a group coaching option. This will get you included into my Rise With Edra Izzo Facebook community and will give you access to the group coaching events and content that I create. This is a smaller package without the one on one access that the major Transformation Coaching Package offers. This is a one time yearly payment.  The benefits to this option are that you will be introduced into a container of people who are also on their transformation process and will be receiving coaching and support in a group fashion. A container means a group of people that I have vetted and are there to support and uplift you. This content will not be tailored individually but will still be beneficial and will allow you to ask questions from me and those in the container as well. Paid events are not included in this fee but you will be invited/included when applicable. Please make sure your email is up to date so that any events can be emailed to you. A Facebook account is also needed to make sure you are getting the full scope of benefits. Remember; you matter, you're worthy and I'm proud of you!