Transformation Coaching Package

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A lot of the times we get stuck on areas of our lives because we have negative thought patterns and little to no support in getting out of those habits. Normal therapists cannot use their anecdotal experiences and they cannot reach out outside of the allotted meetings. As a transformation coach I can work symbiotically with your existing therapists to help you implement their advice, as well as tailor create your personal package to fit what you need. This is a mixture of all the packages and services that I offer.

What is given but not limited to:

  • ONE monthly TWO hour long video meeting held via Zoom, Skype, or Facebook.
  • ONE monthly 30 min long VOICE Meeting held on phone call, Facebook or Zoom.
  • 1 energy clearing monthly -- space for extra sessions can be determined on individual basis
  • Periodic Tailored Texts or Messages of inspiration, support and accountability
  • Personalized Package to pinpoint exactly your needs and goals
  • Personalized Divination Methods catered specifically to your situation
  • Homework and Personal Assignments that help you process what is being transformed
  • Monthly Live Video Group Meeting via Facebook, Zoom or Skype-- Colloquial environment to help you see that you are not alone (You do not have to share anything personal with anyone this is just a fun get together where we talk about fun things that do apply to your journey but might be a little bit out of normal package so it will be discussed in this forum. You can take this time to ask other people about their stories as well.)
  • Access to my Rise With Edra Izzo Communities online via Facebook and MeWe (These groups will not really be posting individual advice but will give you access to ask other people things as well. It is a safe space I have created with hope that you can make friends and feel like part of a tribe.)

As I am just one person please allow up to 72 hours for contact after purchasing. You can also reach out to schedule a quick introductory consultation at no charge. You will receive an email from with a link to Calendly to schedule your appointments.